domingo, 3 de marzo de 2013

Lilio's back... (little update)

Hello, I just wanted to come and say hello. I don't feel good if I leave this blog completely dead... 

I've been doing lots of thing -everything but blogging. I've tried to learn English (again), I've tried to workout... Yes, I've tried.

A couple of days ago I picked my bycicle and I went for a long ride through the city... Weather is really crazy in this season of the year, so I got the chance when I saw that sky was blue and the Sun shone more or less bright. One day, I even found out that there was snow near my house... I got shocked, I have never seen such thing in Málaga. Later my friends told me that it wasn't snow, but hail.

I really hate winter, I can't help it. So I cheer up when I see the Sun out...
Spring is wonderful! I just can't wait for it...
Another thing I like is k-fashion. Yes, Korean fashion. Some things are too flashy for my taste, but others I find them really original and cool. For the moment, I only have little accessories which could fit in the style... This is part of what I wore yesterday.

My star sneakers and my star bracelet... And that's all! See you!

2 comentarios:

  1. Lilio estas perdida, ya el siguiente comentario en verano supongo ¿no? jajaja, bueno por aquí seguimos, yo me he examinado hoy de 2º de intermedio por la EOI aquí en Mérida, el speaking lo tengo el día 13 y los resultados el 21, si queda algo, para september. Un abrazo guapa, I hope to see you soon!!

  2. Hola Rocío, pues mira, no te has equivocado, el siguiente comentario ha sido en verano. Resulta que yo también tengo un examen de inglés el día 13, mira qué casualidad. Te deseo lo mejor y deséame a mí también suerte que la voy a necesitar.
    Muchas gracias por venir y comentar de vez en cuando. Como ves tengo el blog abandonado y es por falta de inspiración. Las cosas no me van bien del todo... Pero me sorprendió y me animó mucho ver tu comentario, muchas gracias.