domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013

Gibraltar- All Hallows Eve is coming!- Otra vez Todos los Santos

It seems that I only write in this season of the year. In fact, I'm only writing to not let die this blog. Sorry, I haven't fullfilled the promises I made. But I'm still here, thinking of something -the problem is I still don't know exactly what.

So, let's talk about trivia! First of all, fashion. You know, 80's and 90's are in. At first I didn't like this trend, because I found some 80's and 90's trends really horrible. I thought that they were un-glamourous. But mannish, sporty, or minimal clothes also have charm. And I've made my own outfit with the things I had in my wardrobe.
Outfit october 2013
I know it's very plain, but it's ok for beginners.

A couple of months ago, I went to Gibraltar. Gibraltar is placed in the South coast of Spain, but it's part of United Kingdom. I was so happy to go there because I've never travelled to England and it was fun to see the things I've always seen on TV just in front of my very eyes: the policemen wearing their black helmet, the  red post-boxes and phone cabs... Really, I enjoyed the trip. Besides I bought yummy biscuits filled with fruit in a supermarket called "Morrison's" and also I tried Cherry Coke, which I liked.

El Peñón de Gibraltar
This is the "Peñón de Gibraltar", and this is the view you have when you arrive to Gibraltar. The day was cloudy and kind of rainy, so it was perfect to get in the Brittish mood, ha ha. Did you know? Gibraltar it's so small that when you pass the border you have to go through the airport runway because there wasn't space to build it somewhere else. Of course, you can go through that road when there aren't any planes landing or taking off... It's true, the first time I heard of it I thought it was a joke, but it's true.

Mailbox buzón rojo
And here is the mailbox I got so excited to see... I know it may sound silly but it always happen when you see in real life something you have only seen on the media.

Teddy Bear Biscuit box
And here you can see the pretty biscuit boxes in the shop windows. They are so cute, I should have bought this of a teddy bear, but I hadn't much money to spend.

Cherry Coke can
And this is the can of Cherry Coke. Isn't it cute? I wish we had more kinds of Coke and sodas here in Spain, but it seems that they don't think it's necessary, and we only have regular Coke.

And that's all! Soon it will be All Hallows Eve, Halloween. I'm looking forward to it because, as I must have told you already, on November 1st we eat delicious sweets called "Saint bones", "Huesos de santo", made with marzipan.