domingo, 3 de marzo de 2013

Lilio's back... (little update)

Hello, I just wanted to come and say hello. I don't feel good if I leave this blog completely dead... 

I've been doing lots of thing -everything but blogging. I've tried to learn English (again), I've tried to workout... Yes, I've tried.

A couple of days ago I picked my bycicle and I went for a long ride through the city... Weather is really crazy in this season of the year, so I got the chance when I saw that sky was blue and the Sun shone more or less bright. One day, I even found out that there was snow near my house... I got shocked, I have never seen such thing in Málaga. Later my friends told me that it wasn't snow, but hail.

I really hate winter, I can't help it. So I cheer up when I see the Sun out...
Spring is wonderful! I just can't wait for it...
Another thing I like is k-fashion. Yes, Korean fashion. Some things are too flashy for my taste, but others I find them really original and cool. For the moment, I only have little accessories which could fit in the style... This is part of what I wore yesterday.

My star sneakers and my star bracelet... And that's all! See you!

sábado, 2 de marzo de 2013

Happy New Year 2013 and the Three Kings

 In New Year Eve, I think that I got carried out by Rihanna's hair style, and nothing of what I expected turned out well. But it was OK, because my New Year Eve was very familiar.


Reality:  No, better not to share that pic...........

Hahahaha!! How funny. But it's OK, it was fun to do it. And the next time, I hope it will turn out better.

Now, the holiday hasn`t finished yet, because we are waiting for the Three Kings. Have you written your letter already? I haven't. But I dont have a wishlist right now. Not material things.

Something I love about the Three Kings is that we eat a special cake on January 6th. The Three Kings cake! I don't know if there is a tradition like this in other countries. I`m looking forwards to that day only because of the cake xD.