sábado, 7 de enero de 2012

Dimension Zero, 1st chapter

Después de tanto tiempo, aquí está. Tengo mucho que aprender, pero quizá mi criatura y yo iremos creciendo a la vez. La traducción, de momento, la pongo debajo, ¿ok? Tienes que leer de derecha a izquierda, igual que en los mangas. A looong time later, but here it is. I have a lot to learn, but maybe my creation and I will grow up togheter. The translation to "Engrish" xD is below. You have to read from right to left, the same way as in manga, ok?
Darkness..... And silence....
If I open my eyes... maybe this darkness will dissapear....? ¿What's this? ¿Who am I?
This can't be! There must be an exit!
Nothing.... The sound of the silence in my ears.
He.... hello?
Who are you? Can't you speak? [Maybe he's a deaf or something...]
Hey... You also got lost? By chance don't you know how to get out of here? -Out of here? You can't get out of here.
Hey... You have spoken! Ju-just now! Inside my head! Rocks! Incredible! Telegnosis? What was that then? Wait... I'm in an endless black space with a strange guy... Maybe I should be more worried....
Wait! Have you said that we can't get out of here? [I don't want to be in this scary emptiness forever!] How... how long have you been here? - I can't remember not being here.
Oh no! This poor man have been so long here that he even can remember it... He might has gone mad, that's why he's so strange...] Errr.... Don't worry! We'll find an exit togheter! [What should I do?] Well, now that you have decided to talk, why don't you tell me your name?
-I don't have a name. [Poor boy...] But... everyone has a name. Maybe you forgot about it... Never mind, I'll give you a name! Hmmm.... Let's see...
Wow! To be honest, the way you appeared before was so impressive.... You scared me! Are you a magician?... Ah! I know! I'll name you "Trick"! Triiiiick! Do you like it?
-I don't need a name. You do. Tell me who are you. [Who am I.... I don't kno-] I'm Lili. My Master has sent me to search for a new world. A world which she's been searching a long time ago. That's why she has created me. ah? What have I just said?.... -Lili. I see. Your Master might be sending you information at this moment.
That Master... could have explained something to me before sending me... Is this her plan? Sending us here without any clue?? Where is everything gone to?.... I'm scared, Trick. We can't find an exit... What are we going to do?....

Where are we going...? Is that you are going to get us out of here?... -Don't be silly. I've told you already, there isn't any exit. Haven't you understood yet? Although you could walk thousand years to any direction, you wouldn't find a gate.... - Eh? Then, why Master has sent me here?

Maybe just because.... in every point of this endless space..... there's a a gate to infinite dimensions. And some of them are simmilar.... To that what's called by humans "reality".